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We spent a week in Dubrovnik, enjoying some sunshine, exploring and trying a few outdoor activities.  I'd never been to Croatia before and really enjoyed it. Some of the highlights were:

- The old town, with the city wall intact all around it
- Croatian ice-cream (even in pancakes)
- Sea-kayaking around Lokrum island (although I was flagging towards the end of the trip)
- Swimming off rocks in the sea
- Hiking up Mt Srdj to watch the sunset
- Cooling off by the hotel pool
- Contrasting museums: The Homeland War (1991-5) and the Jewish museum (including holocaust items from WW2)
- Cycling and swimming on Sipan island
- Not having to drive anywhere
- Good restaurants

The weather was so hot that "mad dogs and Englishmen" came to mind more than once.  (When reading this, you have to bear in mind that I found living in Cambridge to be too hot for comfort, but holidays are different.)

The most annoying thing about the holiday was that some student types from the Dublin flight took the wrong bag off the wrong conveyer belt in the baggage reclaim, without checking the monitors or the tag on the bag, which left us dashing round the supermarkets in the early morning trying to find clothes and swimming kit for M before the first activity of the week.  Fortunately they eventually returned it.

As an aside, water polo is very popular in Dubrovnik.  I was told that the entire Croatian Olympic team came from Dubrovnik.  They went on to win the gold medal.
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